Olsen Verlag Productions

Olsen Verlag Productions is our company's in-house audio and video production business. We are a small, flexible team led by our founder, James Olsen.

We believe that it is essential for a music publishing company in the twenty-first century to embrace digital technologies in order to bring new music to new audiences. To this end, we have at our disposal full-service audio and video production capabilities, and have used these to create engaging related content, generate awareness and interest in new projects, and raise funds. Our work ranges from promotional videos and fly-on-the-wall-style documentary to DVDs of entire musical works.

Although Olsen Verlag Productions exists primarily to support our company's own projects, we also provide standalone audio and video solutions to clients from time to time, and welcome enquiries.

Here are some examples of our promotional videos:

Octagon Tower Tour promo video for Ely Cathedral:

How To Be Good YouTube mini-series trailer for Ely Cathedral (formal promo video style):

The Beggar's Opera rewrite project promotional video (informal vlog style):

For further information, please contact us here.